Oops, the Past 6 months…

Holy cow, it’s been awhile! What have I done in the past 6 months? Well, we’ve been to Hong Kong, again, for only 2 days, to complete visa stuff. Did manage to squeeze in some hiking/eating/drinking while we were there. Still have yet to see the Giant Buddha, HK Disney, Victoria’s Peak, all that jazz…maybe some day.

Om nom nom
BBQ & Beer
Shek O Beach


Delirious on a snack run

We went to Sanya, our first real vacation since moving out here. “China’s Hawaii”, they call it. It was the most relaxing time I think I have had in my adult life. Perfect weather, free breakfast, empty beach, nice room, and sharing it all with Chris, what more could a girl ask for? We were beyond tired of Shanghai, our jobs, and the rain! It was the perfect way to relax before our big month home in December!

View from our balcony
Sleeping Beauty
Empty beach…ahhhh

Next, was our trip back to the U.S. for Christmas. Our first time home in almost a year and a half…still can’t believe we went that long. Having underestimated the amount of traffic from Xuhui to the airport, we came we too close to missing our flight to Dallas. The traffic, and having trouble with security (because I was bringing a hoverboard home for my brother for Xmas. Which, by the way, were prohibited on airplanes in January, close call!) had me freaking out! I did not want to be stuck in the airport after thinking we were finally getting the heck out of here. Everything turned out okay though, we made it to our seats with 20 minutes to spare, swearing to never make that close of a call again.

We made it!!

Being home was strangely exactly the same as it was when we left. For some reason, I kept imagining home seeming completely different when we finally went back. I’m glad it wasn’t. Visiting with family, and eating ALL of the food, were top on my list of excitement for returning. But, I am so very glad we stuck it out and were able to be there for Christmas. It was a Christmas I will never forget. As an adult without children, Christmas sometimes feels just like any other day. But being home after so long, with the people we love, was by far the best part of my year.

Promising to update sooner next time….




























Livin’ the sweet life

I often get distracted by the sometimes monotonous life we live here. Biking to work everyday, counting down the days until the weekend, then inevitably the weekend comes and goes before we’ve had a chance to notice. But this week at work, I mastered puff pastry. After about 3 “repairs” of the aircon, 4 pounds of butter, and 5 kilos of flour, I finally got that perfectly flakey pastry I was looking for! Continue reading Livin’ the sweet life

So many activities!

I love to bake. Something about the precision and having to follow a recipe/technique suits me. What I don’t really enjoy is cooking. I am just not good at throwing things together and it being tasty. Bu hao, Ashlee, bu hao. When we got the chance to take a Chinese cooking class, I jumped at the opportunity, hoping this would help decrease our ordering-food-habits. 😉 We met up with 4 of our friends and our “teacher” at a wet market. He showed us what ingredients we needed to purchase and what we would be using for the day. We made 3 different dishes: 高山野木耳 Black Fungus, 宫保鸡丁 Kung Pao Chicken, and 小笼包 Steamed Buns. Surprisingly, they were fairly easy AND I didn’t butcher any of them which is saying a lot! We still haven’t attempted to remake any of the dishes at home, but I’m being optimistic. 🙂  Continue reading So many activities!

In September 2014, newly named Mr. & Mrs. Bump, we moved to Shanghai, China. Having more work than play, this journal has become an outline of our lives here, rather than a travel blog. Though we hope to do loads of traveling soon! Hope you enjoy seeing Shanghai though our eyes :)