Moms & Pops visit China

Moms and Pops arrived in Shanghai in April of this year. After 2 1/2 years of living in the city, we finally got them to come visit. I think they were both pleasantly surprised with their experience! 🙂 During this time, I had left my pastry chef position at Shanghai Brewery to pursue my cake business. And Chris was still pretty fresh with his new job at The Brew (a brewery within The Kerry Hotel, affiliate of Shangri-La in Pudong). Because we were both pretty busy with work, we had to squeeze in baking and brewing in-between sight-seeing with the folks! Luckily, both of our jobs allowed tons of free time and flexibility.

For Moms and Pops first week in China, we explored all over the city. We enjoyed perfect weather and views on The Bund, and from The Shanghai Tower. Photos below from left to right and top to bottom are as follow: my sweet hubby and the best in-laws on The Bund, Moms blending in perfectly to a floral wall, a fun metro ride, Moms and Pops enjoying some of Chris’ very own beers, Moms and Pops having had clearly TOO many sips ;), and Chris showing Moms the brewing “ropes”.

Our first trek out of Shanghai was to Beijing. We decided to fly both ways (to save time) but for next time I think we will take the train at least one of the ways. While taking the train, you do not have to worry about delays, the train is always going to leave on time. And you are guaranteed a seat together. I think we had flight delays on all ends so it took about the same amount of time as the 5 hour train ride would have and on the way back to Shanghai we were all scattered across the plane, no fun.

We stayed in Beijing 2 nights, the perfect amount of time to see The Great Wall at Mutianyu, Summer Palace, and Yonghegong (Lama Temple). We also had a delicious dinner at Da Dong Restaurant, drinks at a local bar, and WAY too much Chinese food next door to our hotel.

Next stop, Guilin! We have had Guilin on our list for a long time, and taking along Moms and Pops was the best way to visit! We had absolutely breathtaking views from our rooftop. We spent the majority of our first day bicycling up and down areas that reminded me of Jurassic Park (not so much the dinosaurs, but the scenery). We had a relaxing ride down the river on a water raft, then cycled back in town for dinner. Our next day, we decided to rent scooters. We visited all of the touristy spots (some are really really bad). Our hike up Moon Hill was exhausting but definitely worth it for the views up top! This is one of my favorite places so far.

Moms and Pops trip ended too quickly, and we were sad to see them go back home, but so thankful they were able to come travel with us. Memories that will last a lifetime.

Hehe 🙂


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