Pregnancy reveal to tha folks.

Real quick, I just want to rewind and document the pregnancy reveal to my family. Before discovering we were pregnant, I had already purchased solo tickets home in June. Chris wasn’t able to take time off of work and I had already gone another year and a half without seeing most of my close family. Also, no one wants to spend an entire summer in Shanghai, bleh! So, my ticket out of Shanghai departed on June 21st, and we took the home pregnancy test on May 23rd. That meant I could call my family immediately and tell them the news, or wait until I saw them in person…

I am a sucker for surprises and planning special moments for others, so of course I wanted to wait, but keeping this secret for 4 weeks was going to be painful! Chris would not be joining me on this trip home, so we decided to tell his parents together, over FaceTime. We were trying so hard to play it cool, like a normal FaceTime call, but we sort of gave it away from the very beginning. I don’t remember the exact exchange of texts before we got on the phone, but it went something like this, Chris: “Hey, you guys up?”, one second later, “Wanna chat?”, another second later, “Let us know when you get up if you want to FaceTime.” Haha.  Anxious much? Of course they were thrilled to hear the news, but Pops said he called it a long time ago!

Flash forward 4 weeks and Im flying to Atlanta just at 9w +4d pregnant. No bump = No special airport treatment for this trip 😦 I arrived in Atlanta very bright and early on a Friday morning, and I remember the first thing Mom said to me was, “You look SO skinny, have you lost weight?!” haha! Well actually Im growing another human inside me right now. After a trip to Chickfila for breakfast, we headed to Macon for some shopping in an attempt to keep me awake all day.

June-July2017 006

I ended up making it to around 2:00pm before I crashed for an hour on Mom’s couch. The baby needed some sleep. After dinner, I had planned to do the big reveal, afterall, I didn’t think I could go much longer keeping it a secret. I had brought everyone small souvenirs and a card that said, “You’re going to be a…” Grandmother & Granddad for mom and dad, and Uncle & Aunt for my brothers and sister. Somehow, I managed to get everyone back at the dinner table and set my phone up on a tripod to take secret video without anyone suspecting anything. After they looked at their souvenirs, I handed out their cards and one by one they figured it out! I was so glad that I waited because seeing their reactions was priceless.

June-July2017 010

On this trip, we also went to the beach for a week which was great!

I can’t believe I actually thought I had a baby bump back then haha.

June-July2017 045

After 4th of July, I headed back to Shanghai, only to wait until our next visit home together.

June-July2017 090




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