October home visit

In the beginning, the idea of having a baby in China was pretty terrifying. Honestly, having a baby period was daunting. But after many months of research and advice from hundreds of other moms that are doing it here in Shanghai, it has become a little less intimidating. Almost anything we will ever need to get the job done, is here. Unless you are RH-. Because the percentage of Chinese with negative blood type is so incredibly low, China does not allow the production of the shot RhoGam. This shot pretty much prevents your body from rejecting your baby if he/she has a positive blood type that could interfere with yours. So during pregnancy, you are required to get this shot at 28 weeks as well as 72 hours after birth. We purchased an emergency shot from Hong Kong to keep in our fridge in case of emergencies and planned to use it after birth. So this 28 week mark was the perfect excuse to go home and get the shot for half the price, as well as see family!!

Overall, the trip from Shanghai to Atlanta was pretty easy. In the Shanghai airport, being pregnant, you are treated like royalty. No waiting in immigration line, no waiting in security line, and everyone is so overly pleasant to you. It was a breeze. The 12-13 hour flight to California was smooth. We upgraded our seats to the front row with extra leg room so that helped with my frequent trips to the bathroom and needing to stretch every 2 hours. Landing in LAX, we experienced almost no special treatment. With the exception of standing in the “special lane” for immigration, being pregnant made no difference. Honestly, most of the airport staff in the US that I have come across have been extremely rude and inconsiderate. When I mentioned to the security staff that I did not want to go through the Xray machine, she practically rolled her eyes.  Anyways, after a short flight to Atlanta, we were greeted by Moms and Pops and headed to Waffle House.

First on our agenda was an ultrasound appointment. Our generous parents paid for us to go to First Glimpse, which had a viewing room for some of our close family. This was the first time Chris was able to see baby Bump! I think this was the moment it really sunk in for him. It really is an incredible thing, being able to see your baby before he/she enters the world.

Being home in October means…FAIR FOOD! Luckily, my gestational diabetes test was before this trip home, and being that I passed with flying colors, I treated myself 🙂 Funnel cake, caramel apple, and cotton candy, drool.

We were so thankful to have had our family throw us not one but two baby showers. The first was at my parents place, “A Baby is Brewing”. We had BBQ and beer (for the nonpreggos), music and desserts. Everyone showed us so much love and we are incredibly grateful for all the gifts we received for baby B.

I attended the traditional baby shower, that my Aunt threw for me at my family church. I was surrounded by women I grew up knowing since I was a child. We ate yummy food and cake, I opened gifts, and sat around talking about our lives in China. I even taught a few of them some Chinese phrases 🙂 We received more than enough for our little guy and believe me, our suitcases were FULL.

October also meant Halloween!! It is one of my favorite holidays. I love dressing up and eating candy, I’m a real child at heart. Here I am as a “Mummy” 😀 Also, it was perfect timing for my weekly belly photo. Looking a little gauntly in the facial region? haha

It is always sad when we have to return to Shanghai, but we were both anxious to be in our own beds again. We were able to get everyone together for one last dinner to say goodbye. Next time we see them, we’ll be parents!!

Ready to POP!


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