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Wilson/Barreth family visit <3

In July 2016, my Mimi, Ma, sister Alyssa, & brother Avery came to visit us in China! I never thought the day would come (and secretly I don’t think they ever expected us to stay long enough to justify a visit 😉  Continue reading Wilson/Barreth family visit ❤

So many activities!

I love to bake. Something about the precision and having to follow a recipe/technique suits me. What I don’t really enjoy is cooking. I am just not good at throwing things together and it being tasty. Bu hao, Ashlee, bu hao. When we got the chance to take a Chinese cooking class, I jumped at the opportunity, hoping this would help decrease our ordering-food-habits. 😉 We met up with 4 of our friends and our “teacher” at a wet market. He showed us what ingredients we needed to purchase and what we would be using for the day. We made 3 different dishes: 高山野木耳 Black Fungus, 宫保鸡丁 Kung Pao Chicken, and 小笼包 Steamed Buns. Surprisingly, they were fairly easy AND I didn’t butcher any of them which is saying a lot! We still haven’t attempted to remake any of the dishes at home, but I’m being optimistic. 🙂  Continue reading So many activities!