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October home visit

In the beginning, the idea of having a baby in China was pretty terrifying. Honestly, having a baby period was daunting. Continue reading October home visit


Moms & Pops visit China

Moms and Pops arrived in Shanghai in April of this year. After 2 1/2 years of living in the city, we finally got them to come visit. I think they were both pleasantly surprised with their experience! 🙂 Continue reading Moms & Pops visit China

Wilson/Barreth family visit <3

In July 2016, my Mimi, Ma, sister Alyssa, & brother Avery came to visit us in China! I never thought the day would come (and secretly I don’t think they ever expected us to stay long enough to justify a visit 😉  Continue reading Wilson/Barreth family visit ❤